AYJET gives particular importance for quality in the simulator trainings.

The simulator trainings are given by totally experienced captain pilots. This training consists of flying under IFR conditions and it enables the student pilots to perform flights in all weather conditions which cannot be performed in an aeroplane, including exercising the emergency procedures in order to learn the requirements for fulfilling a safe flight.

Besides the single-engine Evolution FNPT II flight simulator, AYJET has added ALSIM AL200-DA42 simulator which has the same features such as full glass cockpit as the DA-42 Twin Star aircraft of its fleet, in order to increase the quality and efficiency in Multi-Engine Flight Trainings and especially in Instrument Flight Trainings.


AL200-DA42 simulator has the same features as Diamond DA42 Twin Star multi-engine aircraft and is produced by ALSIM Company in France. This state-of-the-art trainer is the exact copy of the Diamond DA42 Twin Star. The AL200-DA42 Flight Training Device (FTD) allows students to become familiar with the aircraft’s systems and dynamics. This trainer’s flight model is based on flight tests performed by our professional team of pilots.

The device is equipped with: 2 Garmin 1000 ™ units, 1 GMA and a Bendix King-like autopilot. All systems specific to the DA42 are included in this DA42 FTD and instructors can input additional, explicitly designed failures of their own. (ex: ECU, AHRS, ADC, coolant temp…) The specific systems allows the instructor to simulate particularly effective, while-in-flight training, making sure students are comfortable and familiar with the aircraft when they perform their first flight. The device has a view of 185 degree angle with three projectors, Jeppesen geographical data base and dynamic control loading on three axes. AL200-DA42 simulator meets all the requirements of FAA/JAA