The aim of this course is; to train pilots who have not received the theoretical knowledge instruction during an integrated course, to the level of theoretical knowledge required for the ATPL(A).

AYJET Anatolian Stars FTO course are as follows:

• An applicant wishing to undertake an ATPL(A) modular course of theoretical knowledge instruction shall be required under the supervision of the Head of Training of an approved FTO to complete 650 hours (1 hour = 60 minutes instruction) of instruction for ATPL theory within a period of 18 months.An applicant shall be the holder
of a PPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1.
• Holders of a CPL(A)/IR may have the theoretical instruction hours reduced by 350 hours.
• Holders of a CPL(A) may have the theoretical instruction hours reduced by 200 hours and holders of an IR may have the theoretical instruction hours reduced by 200 hours.

The theoretical training program duration is determined according to the applicants licence by the management
of AYJET Anatolian Stars FTO. However the main training program is conducted after being approved by DGCA-TR. The instruction shall cover all items in the relevant syllabi set out in the Appendix 1 to JAR-FCL 1.470. An approved course should include formal classroom work and may include the use of such facilities as inter-active video, slide/tape presentation, learning carrels, computer based training (CBT) and other media as approved by DGCA-TR. Approved distance learning (correspondence) courses may also be offered as part of the course at the discretion of the DGCA-TR.

Pre-Entry Requirements:

Below mentioned requirements shall be met in order to undergo ATPL(A) ModularTheoretical knowledge course:
• An applicant shall be at least 21 years of age.
• An applicant shall be the holder of at least “High School Degree” or equivalent which is approved by Turkish Ministry of National Education (MEB)
• An applicant for an appropriate course program shall be the holder of PPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A) or CPL/IR(A) licence.
• An applicant shall hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate PPL(A) or IR(A) licence holder shall hold a valid
Class 1 and 2 medical certificate, CPL(A) or CPL/IR(A) holder shall hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate.
Required Documents:
• Trainee Application Form
• Medical Fitness Report from a hospital approved by DGCA-TR / Copy of Medical Certificate (JAR-FCL Class I) , Blood Type Certificate
• Judicial Record & Previous Conviction Document by Ministry of Justice from own country (only for International Student Pilots)
• Passport Photocopy (In colour, readable) (only for International Student Pilots)
• Residence Permission Document from police center-foreigners division (only for International Student Pilots)
• Certificate of Graduation or Diploma (Highschool/University, Piloting License)
• Certificate of English Language Knowledge (in notarized document form)
• 16 Passport-Size Photograph
• PPL(A), CPL(A), IR(A) or CPL/IR(A) licence

Experience and crediting (JAR–FCL 1.280):
• An applicant for an ATPL(A) shall have completed as a pilot of aeroplanes at least 1500 hours of flight time
(see also JAR-FCL1.050(a)(3)). Of the 1500 hours flight time, up to100 hours of flight time may have been completed in FS and FNPT of which a maximum of 25 hours may have been completed in FNPT, including at least:
• 500 hours in multi-pilot operations on aeroplanes type certificated in accordance with the JAR[/EASA-CS] / FAR–25 Transport category or the JAR[EASA-CS] / FAR–23 Commuter category, or BCAR or AIR 2051;
• 500 hours as pilot-incommand under supervision; or
• 250 hours either as pilot-incommand; or
• 250 hours made up by at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command and the necessary additional flight time as pilot-incommand under supervision;
• 200 hours of cross-country flight time of which at least 100 hours shall be as pilot-in-command or as pilot in command under supervision;
• 75 hours of instrument time of which not more than 30 hours may be instrument ground time; and
• 100 hours of night flight as pilot-in- command or as co-pilot.
(1) Holders of a pilot licence or equivalent document for other categories of aircraft will be credited with flight time in such other categories of aircraft as set out in JAR– FCL 1.155 except flight time in helicopters which
will be credited up to 50% of all the flight time requirements of sub-paragraph (a).

(2) Holders of a flight engineer licence will be credited with 50% of the flight engineer time up to a maximum credit of 250 hours. This 250 hours may be credited against the 1500 hours requirement of subparagraph(a), and the 500 hours requirement of sub-paragraph (a)(1), provided that the total credit given against any of these subparagraphs does not exceed 250 hours.