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SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, has decided to cooperate with AYJET in pilot training by jointly implementing the MPL Integrated Training Program. Pilot candidates’ selection process is carried out by SunExpress and is looking for Turkish pilot candidates who are university graduates and have good level of English.

Within the MPL Integrated Training Program theoretical ATPL(A) training and Core Flying Skill Phase – 1 and Basic Phase – 2 are performed by AYJET ATO. Intermediate Phase – 3 and Advanced Phase – 4 are provided by SunExpress ATO.

No fees will be charged for candidates during the training process.

Candidates participating in the pilot training program conducted by SunExpress in conjunction with AYJET will work under the umbrella of SunExpress after eight years, if they are successful in MPL training which takes approximately two years. The costs of the program will be covered by the pay role deductions to be made regularly on the participants’ salaries.

Candidates who wish to apply for MPL program can access the SunExpress web site at hr.sunexpress.com or kariyer.net for participation criteria and application notice.