AYJET gives particular importance for quality in the simulator trainings.

The simulator trainings are given by totally experienced captain pilots. This training consists of flying under IFR conditions and it enables the student pilots to perform flights in all weather conditions which cannot be performed in an aeroplane, including exercising the emergency procedures in order to learn the requirements for fulfilling a safe flight.

Besides the single-engine Evolution FNPT II and FNPT II MCC flight simulator, AYJET has added ALSIM AL200-DA42 simulator which has the same features such as full glass cockpit as the DA-42 Twin Star aircraft of its fleet, in order to increase the quality and efficiency in Multi-Engine Flight Trainings and especially in Instrument Flight Trainings.


ELITE S923 simulator meets all the requirements of JAR STD 3A standards for the FNPT II MCC certifications that are produced and improved by the ELITE Company in Swiss and is a flight training system which has dynamic control loading and autopilot specifications.

This simulator is used for single-engine and MCC flight trainings. ELITE is also certified by CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Agency, Australia) as AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device), and as FAA and Level B FSD2. It is a fully closed cockpit and has a high quality display system.