Pre-Entry Requirements:

The aim of this course; is to improve the flight skills of the applicant for visual flying training as pilot-in-command.

Below mentioned requirements shall be met in order to undergo relevant Night Training Course:

• To hold a valid Private Pilot license,
• To obtain the following documents when applying to the course,
• Trainee Application Form,
• Medical Fitness Report, Copy of Medical Certificate, Blood Type Certificate (from a hospital approved by DGCA-TR),
• Judicial Record & Previous Conviction Document (Ministry of Justice from own country),
• Passport Photocopy (In colour, readable),
• Residence Permission Document (From police centre-foreigners division),
• Certificate of Foreign Language Knowledge (in notarized document form),
• 8 Passport-Size Photograph.
• Holding at least Private Pilot Licence
Minimum Age : An applicant shall be at least 18 years of age.

Medical fitness : An applicant shall hold a valid Class 1 or Class 2 medical report according to ICAO Appendix 1 / JAR-FCL 3

Experience and Crediting : Previous training credit is not subjected for night trainings.

Training Syllabus

The training syllabus is prepared according to JAR-FCL 1.125(c).While improving the night flying training skills, 2 hours theoretical training is planned to increase the required knowledge level.

Theoretical Training

Ground training duration is 02:00 hours. A written exam or skill test is not subjected after completing this training.

Flying Training

Flying training duration is 05:00 hours. The training program covers some emergency procedure such as alternator failure as well as strengthening the flying skills with visual data’s, being able to see and to descry at night, circling to runway with the aerodrome lightning, landing while landing gear warning light is ON or OFF within the Turkish AIP’s scope.

Flying training is planned for one week.