Professional Pilot Training

Pilot training in civil aviation are determined by international aviation authorities such as International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO ), the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA), the European Union, the
European Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA) etc; and are carried out in accordance with the rules, regulations, and supervision of the national civil aviation authorities. However, the United States and European Union have additional rules to those set and regulated by ICAO, which must be complied within their own area. Therefore,
pilot licenses obtained according to the rules of the FAA in the United States are not recognised by Turkey and
the European countries, and in consecuence, futther preparation would be required in line for EASA rules.

Although Turkey is not a member state of the European Union, civil aviation operations, pilot training, and pilot licenses are approved according to the rules implemented by EASA

Tree different systems are practised in Airline pilot training today, These are Integrated Pilot Training, Modular Pilot Training, and Multi Pilot License Training Modules (Multi License, MPL).

Integrated Pilot Training

Theoretical training and flight training are planned and implemented as a single package. If for any reason the candidate may not continue with the training, it would not be possible to transfer s/he credit and/or hours to another pilot training provider to continue her/his education elsewhere.

Moduler Pilot Training

Airline pilot training is structured according to specific modules. First, starts with the training for the private
pilot license, then commercial pilot licence training, followed by instrument rating flight training, and at last,
multi-engine class rating training is implemented as a modular theoretical training for airline pilots. AYJET employes the system of modular pilot training, exerting continuous ATPL flight training, from simple to
complex providing a hierarchy of learning and evaluating the best pilot training.

Training Multi Pilot Licence (MPL)

This pilot training model is a more economical and readily available type of training for airlines. Some countries have developed and launched this system, and by the close monitoring performance of pilots and pilot training system, it is still developing. MPL implementation in Turkey has not started yet.