Turkish Girl, Sky Girl, A Girl from the time of Atatürk; Sabiha GÖKÇEN…

Sabiha Gökçen, the world’s first female fighter pilot, has become a documentary. The documentary aims to introduce modern Turkish women to the world.

Producer and also Director, Gülşah Çeliker, has made the documentary which tells the story of a great career full of success and extraordinary life of Sabiha GÖKÇEN after a 5-year search. The history of Republic of Turkey, the history of aviation, has been paired with peace and women’s themes in Atatürk’s Turkey in the documentary.

In the documentary called’’Sabiha Gökçen, The Legendary Girl of the Skies’’, the archives mainly obtained from Russia, America, France, Greece, Yugoslavia and many other countries, has been published for the first time in Turkey and brought a distinct value to the documentary.

The 52-minutes documentary includes special interviews with Sabiha Gökçen during her life as well as Famous Historian Cemal KUTAY, stand-in daughter Ülkü ADATEPE, daughter of İsmet İNÖNÜ Özden TOKER, One of the Turkey’s first jet pilots Korkut EFE, School friend from Russia Koktebel Mustafa İRKİN, one of the first women jet pilots Retired Colonel Şenay GÜNAY, daughter of Thessaloniki Consul Gül KARABUDA, Former AirForce Commanders, Retired Air Chief Marshall İlhan KILIÇ and Cumhur ASPARUK, Former Chief of Turkish Air Force Retired Lieutenant General Erdoğan KARAKUŞ, Staff Colonel Tayyip ÖZSEVER, Journalist Orhan KARAVELİ, one of the recent F16 Pilots Lieutenant Berna ŞEN and Lieutenant Burcu ŞAHİNKAYA. The documentary has been brought to life with the stories conveyed by these important people who witnessed a different period of history, state and private archives from Russia, America, France and Balkan States, hundreds of photos, original records and documents.

Behind the documentary which has biographical features, colorful historical texture of the recent period, very rich and strong language which includes the original historical anecdotes of the period attracts the attention. While putting Sabiha GÖKÇEN’ s life under the microscope, opinion of aviation experts and pilots worldwide has been taken place. Aviation Specialist Dr. Gary LEISER, World War II Pilot Duncan MILLER, French Jet Pilot Daniel ACTON have given special interview.

’’Sabiha Gökçen, The Legendary Girl of the Skies’’ has been completed in 2003. The documentary has been presented to audiences by translating it in French and English after the premiere at Turkish Military Museum.