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AYJET Flight School, which has been continuously growing since its establishment in 2005, especially as a result of the increasing demand before the pandemic and the cooperation initiated with THY, SunExpress and Pegasus Airlines, signed an agreement with SONACA for the purchase of 12 aircraft in April 2018.

The first of these aircraft was received in July 2019 and the participation of 12 aircraft was completed to the AYJET fleet.

As it is known, the European Commission has made changes in the training programs for pilots to receive better training and to prevent accidents, as the European Commission has determined that aircraft entering an abnormal state and loss of control are among the most important risks in commercial air transportation. AYJET flight school made the necessary changes in its training programs for this purpose and included two ZLIN 242L aircraft to its fleet to be used in this training program.

In accordance with AYJET’s evaluation that the aviation industry will return to its former vitality after the pandemic and the need for pilots will increase as before the pandemic so AYJET’s the aircraft fleet reached 35 aircraft with the participation of SONACA 200 and ZLIN 242L aircrafts.

We are absolutely sure that who makes the right predictions about the future and make good plans for the future will achieve success more easily.

We believe that after the pandemic, our civil aviation will continue to grow rapidly from where it left off and that we will take our place in growth as the AYJET family.