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B737-800 NG simulator has EASA FTD Level 2&FNPT II MCC qualification certificates.

In addition to the intensive use of AYJET Flight School, especially in the MPL and ATPL (A) Integrated flight training program, the B737-800 NG simulator can be used in the first 16 hours of type training, refresher training, MCC (A) training and pilot candidate selection. A realistic flight dynamic model was used with the data obtained from real flight test data.

In the B737-800 NG simulator, along with information about all airports in the world, especially 32 airports are modeled in 3D and all ground traffic, ground equipment and ground operations such as pushback, marshalling, etc. are simulated.

In the B737-800 NG simulator, the navigation data prepared by the LIDO company are used and the whole world map is modeled.

The Simulator vision system covers the FFS Level D requirements provided by the American company Q4. The screen system is Q4 Supravue FOV 200*40, the projectors are RSI RS100 3- channel Raster XT5 model. All realistic and dynamic weather conditions can be used in the simulator.

The simulator has all the systems of the B737-800 NG aircraft and all emergency procedures can be applied in the trainings. A virtual ventilation system is available in the cockpit. Besides, in case of any emergency drill such as fire fighting, the interior of the cockpit can be filled with smoke in a realistic manner and oxygen masks can work fully functionally.