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I was born in 1979. I completed all of my educations in Istanbul. After being graduated from Istanbul University Political Sciences Faculty, Department of International Relation in the beginning of 2005, I completed my military service at the end of the same year. I acquainted with AYJET Anatolian Stars Flight School in January 2006. On those years AYJET developed a project with Onur Air concerning the Flight Officer Training.

After being informed about this project through a newspaper announcement, I visited AYJET in order to get some information. At that time Kadir Peker was the General Coordinator and I met him. Captain Peker enlightened me in details about the requirements of pilot profession, working and course conditions. I, personally, have been always exceedingly interested in machines. High-tech machines such as cars, motorcycles, submarines, ships and aircraft have always attracted my attentions. For sure, the idea of using extraordinary machines, like aircraft, was very exciting for me. After a few days consideration, I decided to start with the training. It makes me very happy to see now that this decision is one of my best decisions for all of my life.

I started in March 2006 and completed my pilot training in August 2007. After a couple of months looking for job with the coordination of Captain Celal Cingöz, I was called for an interview at SunExpress and started to fly for SunExpress Istanbul Base in December 2007. Due to its intensive flights I completed the requirements of being captain in SunExpress, and was assigned as captain pilot 5 years 4 days later than I got my CPL License on 24th of August 2012

As far as I know, I am the third Captain Pilot among the AYJET alumni; and among the 3rd Term and SunExpress the first one. Of course I don’t mention this in every case to plume myself on, but in the conditions of our country, I am proud of myself that I got quickly the steps up of a popular job, let’s say in such a young age. I would like to thank to all instructors of AYJET, particularly to Cpt. Seyfi Yıldız, Cpt. Celal Cingöz, and Cpt. Ahmet Ergene and to Cpt. Salim Onur who I had the opportunity to fly together in SunExpress that they contributed for this pride.

I had the chance to see the advantages of the training and the aviation discipline that our instructors of AYJET taught us, both in the flight deck and in the administrational relations of the sector. It is already well-known by everyone that in pilot training AYJET is a brand and a quality symbol. In this regard, I believe that all Turkish youth can fulfill the requirements of this job with all the supports of AYJET who trust his/her sedulity and feels indescribable happy in the aircraft.

With the training background of AYJET, today I have my dear wife İlkay, my son Bora who might be also a pilot in the future and even not long but with safe flight past.

My Best Regards,