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I am coming from an airman family; therefore I grew up among aircraft, uniforms and pilots. When I was yet 18 years old I flew by glider consequently 3 years in the summer sessions at İnönü Gliders School of Turkish Aviation Association and got my first badge and license years ago. Naturally, once when you take-off, glide away, taste the feeling and excitement which can only be understood by those who experienced it, the adoration of aviation starts in that time.

I had to postpone always this dream because there was no possibility to take pilot training in Turkey except Anadolu University Pilot Training Program. After AYJET commenced with the training and the first alumni began to fly, not thinking twice I enrolled myself to AYJET for the 7th Term.

Not because I was graduated from this flight school but in all honesty I must say that I cannot compare AYJET with any other flight school due to its distinguished instructors, quality, organized and disciplined and also warm atmosphere.

After being graduated in the determined time period, one and a half year passed while waiting for the good news of the applications to the airline companies. This time was so long for me…

On those years when we were graduated, the recruitments to airline companies were not so promptly and clearly as nowadays, but finally my dream came true by being employed to Turkish Airlines.

I have flown by B-737 fleet in Turkish Airlines, and it is planned that I will start Type Rating of A330 aircraft, in that case I will keep going on to study… Time passes so fast and fully and I suggest with my whole heart these satisfying and hard long journey not only to student pilots but also to all young who are willing to aviation.

In this distinguished, pleasing and as well stressful profession, I wish for my each flight that my feelings exciting me like in my first flight never end and keep going on with health and peace.

The pilot profession in civil aviation sector, after fulfilling the requirements, is build up primarily with flight school, then airline company, flight tempo, social life, physical and spiritual health, and updating himself continuously in knowledge level. To be a member of an attractive and financial satisfying profession requires devotion and hard working. In my humble opinion; each respectful and patient airman can reach his dreams and live them like us by working systematically and giving efforts.

Best regards to everyone…
Alumni of AYJET’s 7th Term